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Fast and easy frame mounting with brand new Programa Plus

Press release   •   Oct 28, 2016 08:45 BST

Essve introduces the next generation frame screw – Programa Plus. With Programa Plus, craftsmen and window installers can mount both window and door frames with speed and ease without risk of splitting or splintering in either joist or frame.

Essve launched the frame screw in the 1970’s and the company has since held a leading position within the segment. Now Programa Plus is introduced to the market, a proprietary frame screw which secures simpler and faster mounting of frames.

– We have taken the frame screw to the next level and are launching a product providing superior delivery in steps in the mounting process which have previously been sensitive. When mounting frames there has always been a risk that the frame or joist frame splits. There has also been a big risk of over-tightening the casing. Programa Plus makes frame mounting easier, more effective and can be done with less risk for splitting the wood, splinters or applying too much force when adjusting the casing, says Jonas Svensson, product manager Fasteners, Essve.

New Programa Plus has been developed at Essve’s R&D facilities in Kista in Stockholm. The fiber cut insert on the casing makes the entry hole into the frame neat and clean without splintering. The fiber cut insert on the tip of the screw reduces the risk of splitting the wall joist, even if the frame screw is applied close to the edge of the joist. Programa Plus is also more robust than traditional frame screws thanks to a new design with a casing that is round and has grooves all around it, a detail which halves the risk of splitting the frame or over-tightening when inserting the casing, for example when the mounting gets crooked.

– Our products are designed to enable the craftsman to be more time effective, put less time on each step of the process, but at the same time guarantee a lasting end-result. We have worked closely with craftsmen and window installers in our product development and together we have eliminated the biggest risks connected to the mounting of door and window frames, says Jonas Svensson.

About Programa Plus:

  • 61 percent better torque before over-tightening*
  • 40 percent better exit-force*
  • 42 percent stronger casing*

Programa Plus is optimal for both refurbishment and new construction and enables fast mounting with the capacity to re-adjust post-fitting. Perfect for mounting in houses and buildings that have set over the years, or where the opening where the window/door should be fitted is crooked. Programa Plus is available in three different lengths which enables mounting when the column width varies around the window/door.

Programa Plus is primarily used for mounting of: outer- and inside doors, windows and glass sections and works equally well with different wall materials: stone, concrete, lightweight concreate, wood and Leca.

*comparison between traditional frame screw and Programa Plus.

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