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€ 10 million wasted each year - in Sweden alone - ESSBOX System reduces wastage for craftsmen

Press release   •   Mar 20, 2012 14:30 GMT

According to a recently conducted study, wastage of fastener materials totals 10 million per year on the Swedish market alone. In order to get to the bottom of the problem, ESSVE has developed the ESSBOX System – a complete storage solution that makes it easy for the craftsmen to keep their fasteners in order. It offers the user a clear overview of the content in the case, and can be adjusted according to the task at hand.

According to a recent survey ESSVE has conducted among 160 craftsmen in Sweden, 7 out of 10 craftsmen find it difficult to keep their fastener materials in order. The same study clearly indicates that disarray leads to unnecessary wastage. As many as 54 % of the craftsmen do not use all the products they buy, which corresponds to wastage of € 10 million per year in Sweden alone.

Now ESSVE launches ESSBOX System, a complete storage solution that is designed to make it easy for the craftsmen to keep their fasteners in order. ESSVE’s solution consists of a hard-wearing case and rigid plastic packages.

”Thanks to the durable boxes that make it easier to keep the fasteners in order, it is our hope that the ESSBOX System will reduce wastage by 30 %. In contrast to other storage cases, the user can adjust the content of the case according to what products are needed for each specific task. The craftsman easily snaps the boxes onto the case and is not inconvenienced by having to transfer the products into permanent compartments”, says Magnus Nilsson, Product Area Manager at ESSVE, and one of the masterminds behind the ESSBOX-system.

The reusable plastic boxes are transparent; thereby making it easy to see which product is in each individual package. Thanks to the octagonal pattern on the lid the boxes can easily be stacked on top of each other. By allowing the user to secure the lid underneath the box, it is easy to keep track of it.

A clever storage solution has been missed by many in the industry, which was confirmed by the survey. 88 % indicated that they have to interrupt their work in order to buy new or go fetch the proper fasteners, and 73 % find it difficult to bring the fasteners to the work site.

Tested and approved by the craftsmen
One craftsman who has tested the ESSBOX System is the carpenter Göran Klinga, who owns Klinga’s Construction services.

”Previously I would put what I needed into a basket and I would have to run back and forth to the car since I forgot products or couldn’t carry them all at once. Now my products are in a proper order and the time saved benefits both me and my customers. Before the products had a tendency to end up in the wrong place, which meant that I often bought duplicates. ESSBOX System offers a clear overview of what’s in the case”, he says.

Electrician Thomas Mårtensson at Mårtensson’s Electricity, agrees with Göran Klinga.

“When you have everything gathered in one place it is much easier to work and keep track of the products. Otherwise it is easy that some packages get lost,” he says.

ESSBOX System’s test pilots also appreciated the durability of the case and boxes. They found it advantageous that the new plastic boxes handle harsh conditions and that the case has a robust construction that copes with shocks and impact. Both the packages and the case withstand rain and sub- zero temperatures.

 ”ESSBOX System is the result of a four year product development process. We have spent a lot of time to find a solution that will reduce wastage and optimize the craftsmen’s workday. All the positive feedback from the test users tells us that we have succeeded,” says Magnus Nilsson at ESSVE.

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