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Board packaging breaks apart and causes disorder - ESSVE launches the solution

Press release   •   Jan 26, 2012 08:20 GMT

ESSVE now launches a durable packaging solution – ESSBOX, and the entire ESSVE range of fasteners will now be delivered in robust and recyclable plastic packages. The ESSBOX System is a part of a complete system of packaging solutions, and will be launched at the Nordbygg exhibition in Sweden this March.

ESSVE does not only market high quality fasteners but now also launches a clever packaging solution. Based on interviews with about 100 Scandinavian craftsmen, ESSVE developed a solution that is the result of meeting their needs.

”96% of the craftsmen experience problems with board packaging that breaks apart, and therefore we launch a durable solution. As the boxes are made of a transparent plastic material it allows the user to see what product each respective package contains. Well functioning and hardy in rough conditions, the boxes that will be launched this March are a part of a complete system of packaging solutions that will optimize the craftsmen’s workday, says Mattias Sebell, Brand Manager ESSVE.

Since most craftsmen reported having problems with packages breaking apart, the packaging solution must be moisture resistant. Tested and approved according to the IP44-standard, the ESSBOX packaging solution withstands sprinkling water from all angles. ESSVE has developed a plastic material that can withstand harsh conditions including sub zero temperatures and careless handling.

A patented octagonal pattern makes the boxes stackable, and the user easily keeps track of the lid as it can be secured at the bottom of the box. ESSVE’s new packaging solution is recyclable and reusable, and is for example approved for storage of food stuffs.

Clear labels with a picture and text that specify the content, area of usage and what materials the product is suitable for helps the craftsmen choose the right product. ESSVE developed a new glue in order to meet the requirement of labels that stay securely in place even in case of rain.

In order to ensure the proper quality, minimal environmental impact and the exact fit of the boxes, ESSVE has selected one exclusive manufacturer which will deliver boxes to all the fastener suppliers regardless of where in the world they are situated. 

New ESSBOX-packages:

  1. Robust with a longer lifecycle – plastic has a greater  water and impact resistance compared to board
  2. Transparent – see what the box contains
  3. Clever lid with octagonal pattern – makes it possible to stack and reseal the boxes
  4. Recyclable – the boxes are made of 100% polypropene plastic (PP)
  5. Clear labels – specify product content, area of usage and what materials the product is suitable for.

For further information:

Mattias Sebell, Brand Manager ESSVE, + 46 8 623 61 31, +46 70 623 28 78,

About ESSVE:

ESSVE was established in 1970 and is the market leader in the Nordic region in the area of attachment solutions for the builders- and automotive industries. The products range from tiny screws to powerful fasteners for dam construction. ESSVE also offers reliable tools for wood- and metal work to the builders industry and the branch of industry. 225 employees work at the ESSVE offices in nine different countries. ESSVE’s head office is located in Sollentuna, which is a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden, and the central warehouse is located in Ulricehamn, Sweden. Since 2004, ESSVE is a part of the B&B TOOLS-Group.